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Murder + One

Showdown At Three Fingers Valley

When an alert deputy in Georgetown County, South Carolina spots a killer’s attempt to fake a shark attack on his dead wife, Sheriff Pete Martin finds himself with a problem.  How does he prove the death was no accident?  With the help of his deputies, his girlfriend, Jean, and the victim’s sister, he devises a plan with some theatrics, to thwart the killer from inheriting his wife's estate of thirty million dollars.


After a life of adventure, Doug Tobin, late of the Texas Rangers, decides to settle down and raise cattle in Three Fingers Valley.  There he falls in love with Marie Ellsworth, a beauty with a hidden past.  His dream of owning his own ranch is threatened by a band of rustlers, desperate men who recognize no brand on the open range and who will kill anyone who crosses them.

When the gang threatens Doug and those he loves, the Texas Ranger organizes his friends to bring law and order to Three Fingers Valley.

An epic tale of the Old West.


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 $5.00 Electronic Edition

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A 'T' Man Goes West

The Saga of Joe Condon, Lawman-Rancher

Paul Allison, a Treasury Agent, is assigned to a trail town, Abilene, Kansas. He is to ferret out a counterfeit ring. Along the way, he meets a crooked banker, a newspaper man who prints the bogus bills and their henchmen. He befriends a famous gunfighter, an Irish saloon owner and falls in love with a beautiful woman. After several skirmishes, he wraps up the case in a deadly shootout to save his girlfriend.

Joe Condon’s mother died of the plague when he was sixteen and his father was killed in the Civil War a year later.  Left on his own, he grows to manhood in the lawless American West, defending himself as need be with fists and a gun.  Both skills serve him well when he becomes a lawman in one of the West’s toughest towns. 

Tiring of violence, he quits the law and settles down to the more peaceful pursuit of rancher and hunter.  His new life is disrupted when he discovers the beautiful  Anna in the clutches of an Austrian nobleman and the Kaplan Brothers, two notorious outlaws.   Suddenly, Joe Condon’s life is anything but peaceful as he faces his most deadly challenge.


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 $5.00 Electronic Edition

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The Calendar Murders


Mark Harmon, a bounty hunter turned marshal, had seen men die in all kinds of ways.  He’d seen men shot, knifed, and clubbed to death.  He’d  shot a few himself when they had needed it.  He’d even seen men hanged, but only by the law… and once by a mob.

 What he had never seen was a series of men dangling from a noose, and always on the first day of the month.  Furthermore, the hangings were being perpetrated by parties unknown for reasons unknown.  When Mark finds himself charged with solving the mystery, he embarks on the pursuit of a dangerous and wily killer. 

 Along the way, he meets Beth Bjornson, a beautiful widow.  He soon finds himself in danger… of both losing her love and his life to the unknown hangman

Jim Taylor was a range detective with a habit of dressing all in black, earning him the sobriquet “Blackjack” among the felons and rustlers he tracked and brought to justice  After a career with enough excitement for a lifetime, he decided to hang up his guns and lead the quiet life of a writer, chronicling his adventures in the dime novels of the day.

 However, his peaceful retirement came to an end one day when he met a beautiful lady rancher named Michelle Hayworth, whose ranch was threatened by a gang of rustlers.  A lady in distress was more than sufficient reason for Jim Taylor to put down his pen and strap on his six-shooter.  As the rustlers and their silent partner would soon learn:

Blackjack was back!


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 $5.00 Electronic Edition

 $12.50 Trade Paperback Edition


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The Reluctant Gun

Casey Callahan, Marshal

War Hero

The end of the Civil War found Mike Castle, a hero of the Battle of Atlanta, sick of carnage and the stink of death.  Doffing his uniform for the last time, he sought peace in the West with his uncle, a rancher in Colorado. There he found a new life and Jean Lock, a blue-eyed beauty.     

His search for serenity was short lived when he met King Wesley, a land speculator whose gang was threatening to drive those Mike loved from their homes.  Despite his best intentions, Mike soon found himself strapping on his gun, once again facing violence to oppose evil.

“Without a word, Casey hooked his foot under one of the chair legs and pulled. As he and the chair spilled to the floor, Spade reached for his gun. It was half out of his holster, when he saw the barrel of a gun an inch from his face —”


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 $5.00 Electronic Edition

 $12.50 Trade Paperback Edition


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Sir Guy of Texas

Denbow's Raiders

A Knight in Shining Leather

 Guy Kitrick was a gunfighter. Most men who made their living with a gun died young. Sooner or later, they met someone a little quicker on the draw.

Guy had no trouble seeing the handwriting on the wall, which is why he decided to walk away before he, too, was fitted with a pine box. He figured no job was worth his life, no matter how many twenty-dollar Gold Eagles it paid.

He hung up his guns and rode north, seeking a place to settle down. He changed his name and prepared to live out his life in peace.  However, it was not to be.  When he found a damsel in distress, he had to rely on his deadly skills to save his own life, and the life of the woman he had come to love.


Cavalry Officer

John Denbow was raised on a ranch and lived with the Cheyenne for a time. At eighteen, he entered the United States Military Academy at West Point. The outbreak of the Civil War forced him to choose sides. He elected to fight for the South using tactics he learned from the Indians, Denbow’s Raiders fought the Union Army with great success and John quickly rose to the rank of Colonel.

With the end of the war, his success was acknowledged by his former enemies when they requested that he rejoin the Army. He was first assigned to teach tactics at West Point, and then  transferred to the Western Frontier to quell the Apache Indians around Fort Logan, New Mexico.  With his Indian friend, Luke Little Fox, he showed his skill as a cavalry commander.

Along the way, he met and married a beautiful woman.

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 $5.00 Electronic Edition

 $12.50 Trade Paperback Edition


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The Horseman

Office of Strategic Services

Carl Broderick (Brad) Risser is a prodigy at the piano. While performing with a symphony orchestra in Poland, he meets and marries Madeline, a beautiful cello player. Their romance is interrupted when Hitler invades the country on September 1, 1939. Brad flees Europe for the United States, where he joins the army to fight the Nazi dictator.

Recognizing Brad’s special expertise, the O.S.S. recruits him and trains him to be a spy.  Soon he finds himself parachuting back into Poland as an Allied agent. He reunites with Madeline and rejoins the orchestra, which is soon traveling all over Europe to play for the German occupiers.

The orchestra’s tour provides the perfect cover for Brad’s work as a secret agent and saboteur.  His exploits lead him and Madeline into danger many times, culminating in his vital work during the liberation of Paris.



A Man of the West

 Jack Douglas is a horse trainer, like his father before him.  However, the outbreak of the Civil War finds him in the Union Army until he is captured and sent to the infamous Andersonville Prison. During his captivity, his wife and parents contract pneumonia and die. Only his young daughter, Cindy, survives.

After the war, he decides to make a new life for himself and his daughter. He and Cindy head west; first by rail, then wagon train. Trouble with the Indians forces Jack to serve a short stint with the U.S. Cavalry. Finally, Jack and Cindy find themselves in Boise, Idaho, where they decide to settle down.

There Jack meets Abby, a beautiful school teacher. He uses his knowledge of horses to start a business rounding up and breaking wild range stock. After the war and Indian raids, all he wants to do is to raise his daughter and train his horses.  That, of course, is not to be... 

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 $5.00 Electronic Edition

 $12.50 Trade Paperback Edition


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The Poker Chip Murders

The Marshal and the Doctor

A Deadly Game of Chance

Brett Hadley is a Pinkerton Agent who comes to Eagle Rock to capture the Carson Gang. Finding a place he can call home, he resigns from the Pinkerton Agency after capturing the outlaws.  A series of murders have cost the lives of a beautiful rancher's father, a lovely saloon owner's husband, and the previous sheriff.  Brett takes the job of sheriff and sets out to solve the murders.

His only clue is the fact that one of the victims was found with three poker chips clutched in his cold, dead hand. As Brett hunts the murderer, he is targeted for assassination, foils a bank robbery, captures a gang of rustlers and encounters more killings.

Will he ever solve the mystery of the red, white, and blue poker chips and bring the culprit to justice?


A Chance Meeting on a Train

Frank Holbrook, a United States Marshal, is on a mission. He has been assigned to travel undercover to Chadron, Nebraska, where he will investigate a greedy land speculator and his partners.  On the train, he meets Doctor Jean Parker and her son, also en route to Chadron. They strike up a conversation and enjoy one another’s company on the long trip. 

On arrival, they go their separate ways — Jean to become a partner in a local medical practice; John to his mission as Frank Brady, gunsmith. As the days go by, John meets a a beautiful singer, Lexi Brooks. He also keeps running into Jean Parker.

Torn between the two women and his mission, it is all he can do to separate his feelings from his duty.


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 $5.00 Electronic Edition

 $12.50 Trade Paperback Edition


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Misplaced Lawman

The Return of Jim Wade

Force to Fight

Ben Brady follows in his father's footsteps.  The older Brady is the no-nonsense sherrif of El Paso, Texas, and it is his dream to see his son succeed him.  Ben takes up the pistol and the badge until the day his father is killed in the line of duty. Disillusioned, he decides to try a more peaceful pursuit.  He turns to ranching, raising cattle and then driving them to the railhead a thousand miles to the north.  But peaceful men must be ready to fight when their livelihoods and loved ones are threatened.  A beautiful woman, a devious saloon owner, and a pack of outlaws are an explosive mixture in any man's life. And so it is that Ben must once again pick up a gun in the service of the law.

Wayward Son

Jim Wade’s mother died when he was two years old. He was raised by his abusive father on a ranch outside of Paradise, Oklahoma until he was fifteen, when he ran away from home. He made his way first to Dodge City, then Kansas City, and finally to New Orleans.  There he signed onto the crew of a sailing ship.  For the next ten years, he worked his way halfway around the world — first as a sailor, then as a range detective and a peace officer.

A desperate letter from his father, now an invalid, caused him to return home, and none too soon.  A crooked rancher was scheming to take away his father’s land. A stepmother and a beautiful half-sister whom he had never met complicated matters.

Hiding his identity, he confronted the thief, fell in love, captured a gang of rustlers, and changed the face of Paradise Valley.



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 $5.00 Electronic Edition

 $12.50 Trade Paperback Edition


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Fury in the Wilderness



When Pat Morgan inherits a gold mine after returning from a tour of duty in Iraq, he feels his troubles are over.  And they were, until his life is interrupted by a gang of kidnappers who have taken a beautiful tutor and her student, a Kuwaiti prince, hostage. Suddenly, his special forces training comes in handy as he eludes the gangsters and escapes into the wilderness with the girl and her charge.

From then on it's a struggle between Pat Morgan, ex-Green Beret, and some of the most ruthless people this side of Saddam Hussein's broken empire.



Life was hard in the Old West.  After the death of his parents, young Slim Parker set out to make a life on his own.  With the help of a friend, he learned the horse trade and how to handle both rope and gun.  For a time, the latter skill led him to the life of a hired gun.

Though he was fast and a dead shot, one particularly bloody encounter forced him to vow an end to his violent ways. Eventually he found himself the proud owner of a horse and hay ranch. Along the way, he adopted an orphan and courted two beautiful women.

It was only then that he discovered the peaceful life held terrors more frightening than any he had faced staring down the barrel of another man’s gun.


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$5.00 Electronic Edition

 $12.50 Trade Paperback Edition


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Forty Guns West /

An Iron Fist With A Velvet Glove

Ben Carey, U.S. Marshal

Forty Guns West

 When the raiders hit the Wagon Train, the troopers were lined up and ready. He had the bugler sound the charge and as they rode forward, they pounced upon the raiders, decimating their ranks...

 An Iron Fist With A Velvet Glove

 The lynch mob gathered in front of the jail and their leader said, “The Marshal can’t kill us all.” John stepped off the walk, jammed his shotgun into the leader’s middle and hissed, “When the first man steps forward, I’m gonna blow this man’s gizzard out his spine. The leader’s face went white and his forehead was covered with perspiration...


You Can Go Home Again

Ben Carey left Idaho to see what was on the other side of the mountains. As he crisscrossed the West, he worked as a cowhand, a bounty hunter, a range detective and a lawman. By the time his wander-lust subsided, he was  a United States Marshal.

Law and order was coming to the West. Outlaws and bad men were being forced out of the big cities and states newly admitted to the Union. Feeling the heat, many fled to the wilds of Idaho, to Ben Carey’s home.

Ben returns  fto Idaho. While there, he meets a beautiful woman while cleaning up the outlaw element.  His life and that of his sweetheart are in constant danger until he completes his mission and marries the woman he loves.

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$5.00 Electronic Edition

 $12.50 Trade Paperback Edition


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A Piece of Eight


Deadly Coin Caper

 It wasn’t supposed to be Lieutenant Joe Brady’s case, but two homicide detectives had called in sick that day. So Brady answered the call when the report came in that a pawn shop owner had been murdered. At first it seemed a routine case of robbery gone wrong, but the signs of torture on the body soon suggested something less routine. That “something” was revealed when the coroner found a small silver coin hidden in the victim’s shoe.

 The coin was a Spanish dollar, or piece-of-eight, minted when Spanish gold fleets still plied the waters of the Caribbean. It was the coin that had been the inspiration for the U.S. dollar.

 What first seemed a botched robbery quickly escalated into something far more sinister.  As Joe Brady investigates, his path crosses that of Jean Lock, town librarian. Suddenly, Joe has two competing goals: solve the case, and win the heart of the lovely keeper of the books.



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 $12.50 Trade Paperback Edition



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