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Meek Shall Inherit…

Two super alliances compete for the galaxy: the Federation, a constellation of systems centered on Earth, struggles against the Galactic Independence/New Confederacy (GINC) as mankind spreads like a bloody stain, consuming entire planets in a rapacious competition for resources. Some colonies will live, but most will die to fulfill the needs of the core alliances.

A rebel organization, the Planetary Independence Movement (PIM), strives to obstruct the devastation. Its messianic leader, Daniel Enos Callihan, has not been seen for decades, but his sedition continues to hamper the alliances. Each alliance seeks to use Callihan against the other…or else to kill him. His location becomes available—Daystar System.

Duncan, a Federation ground-pounder, leads a penetration team onto the planet and discovers a pre-industrial society unable to defend itself—at least apparently so. A curious energy source leads Duncan to Callihan; but it is the energy source itself that changes everything. The elwar, a race of gentle innocents, possess a power unlike any previously known. It is this power that ultimately makes all the difference.

Good will always battle evil…but how can you tell the difference?



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Scott Gier

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