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The Genellan Series, Book IV

Genellan: Earth Siege

Trafalgar in Space

 Ancient were the Ulaggi before the ancestors of man walked upright.  The Ulaggi — a race of mind readers — terrorize the galaxy, destroying the weak.

Genellan, humanity’s first colony in space, is attacked.  Thousands die.  The colonial capital is destroyed, but the aliens are repulsed. The cost is dear in lives and ships, but worse — the Ulaggi learn the location of Earth.

Admiral Runacres, the Tellurian Legion Fleet commander, orders all ships back to Sol-Sys.  Desperately, he strives to bring her selfish governments into cooperation…

Too soon, the Ulaggi attack, forcing Runacres to retreat behind his lunar defenses.  Earth’s defense is untenable.  The Ulaggi descend to the surface, spreading death and ruin in their path.

Captain Sharl Buccari returns to Sol-Sys with reinforcements from Kon, humanity’s ally and bitter enemy of the Ulaggi.  Outnumbered, the human and Konish fleets engage the invaders… 

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