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Copyright, Purchase Agreement, and Software License

Third Millennium Publishing is one of the first virtual bookstores on the INTERNET where the authors are also the publishers. As such, it is both an experiment and an exercise in faith. The products you obtain here are a hybrid: part software, part literary work. As such, they are much more easily duplicated than traditional forms of books. If people ignore our intellectual property rights by freely duplicating either the electronic or paper versions of the books they purchase here, then the experiment will fail and your reading choices will continue to be restricted to what you can find in your local bookstore or airport magazine rack. To prevent this, we ask that you take care not to violate these rights and that you abide by the following purchase agreement and software license. If you do not wish to abide by these terms, then please do not download any of the products for sale here at Third Millennium Publishing.

In plain English, when you buy a book from Third Millennium Publishing, you purchase the right to possess one (1) electronic version of the book and one (1) printed copy. You may also have a second electronic copy, either for archive purposes or for your personal use on a second computer.

If you become aware of unauthorized copies of any of Scott Gier's book in either electronic or hardcopy form, we  would appreciate learning the details. Please send an email to

Copyright Notice

All rights are reserved.  The electronic copy or printout of any of the works offered for sale by Third Millennium Publishing are LICENSED SOFTWARE PRODUCTS as defined in this Purchasing Agreement and Software License.  Failure to comply with this agreement and copyright may result in civil liability and penalties.  Products are provided as is without any express or implied warranty.  The user accepts all responsibility and liability for the use of this product.

Third Millennium Publishing Purchasing Agreement and Software License:

The products purchased from Third Millennium Publishing are electronic copies of literary works which are covered by United States and/or Canada copyright law, and international treaty.  As such, the electronic forms are also copyrighted materials.  Because the technology associated with the electronic distribution of data makes duplication much easier than with printed forms of these works, the purchaser agrees to take special precautions to ensure that this material is not duplicated, distributed, or otherwise disseminated, except as specifically stated in this purchasing agreement.  For the purposes of this agreement, the electronic file containing the literary work is considered a LICENSED SOFTWARE PRODUCT that is leased rather than sold.

This Purchasing Agreement and Software License is a legal agreement between you (the individual purchaser) and Third Millennium Publishing/Scott Gier.  By purchasing, downloading, installing, copying, printing, or otherwise using the SOFTWARE PRODUCT, you agree to be bound by the terms of this agreement. If you do not agree, you must refrain from using the SOFTWARE PRODUCT, either in electronic or printed form.

1. Grant of License

You may install and use one copy of the SOFTWARE PRODUCT on a single computer.   The primary user of that computer may make one additional copy for either archive purposes or for use on a second computer, so long as reasonable care is taken that both copies are not in use simultaneously.

You may print one copy of the literary work contained in the SOFTWARE PRODUCT onto paper or other permanent medium.  Should that copy become damaged, lost, or unusable for any reason, you may make a replacement copy, so long as reasonable care is taken to ensure that only a single copy remains in existence at any given time.

You may not alter the literary work, copyright notice, or software license contained in the SOFTWARE PRODUCT in any way.

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