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L. L. Morton was born in Obion County, Tennessee, but grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Although she dropped out of high school in the 50’s, in 1971 she and her first child received their respective diplomas in Carlisle, Pennsylvania – where she went on to Shippensburg State College. Finally a graduate of Lesley College, Cambridge, Massachusetts (now Lesley University) Morton received her BAL degree in writing at the age of fifty-seven. Her first major literary work was published in 1992 as a fictionalized autobiography under the title, A Make Believe Face, now updated and revised as memoir: First Comes Love: The DeProgramming of An Army Wife. Her collection of short pieces of mixed genre, Love ‘N’ Stuff, was just released 2011. As a career Army Officer’s wife, Morton traveled extensively and lived in both Japan and Thailand. While in Bangkok, she taught English as a second language to the Thais. The mother of four children, the grandmother of six and the great-grandmother of three, Morton presently lives with her husband of over fifty-five years in Southern Oregon.

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