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Excerpt from The Second Sail

When I crawled under the bed the first time, I decided this was better than living on the street.  I'll show him.  Disappearing was an idea I had played with in my mind for some time.  I had to get out, to find a way to feel unstuck... When I happened to find this big, high canopy bed, I knew I had to have it.  I guess I had already made up my mind to disappear when I was writing the check to pay for it.... It was an island bed... From the looks of it, I could see that it gave enough clearance...            

I wanted to hear what Herschel was up to... that was the main reason I wanted to do it.  I had to find out, and I couldn't afford a private detective.  Under the bed just seemed natural.  I figured if I was gone long enough, and he was really carrying on with a tootsie, I would find out a heck of a lot being hid like that, just like Candid Camera!  Only you’d have to call it Snug-as-a-Bug-in-a-Rug, or something like that.... Well, I was going to make him think, just once, make him think about me.  I just couldn't stand the loneliness any longer, and we were tied together forever by our love for Toni.

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L. L. Morton

October 1, 2003 - October 1, 2005