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Nuggets for Ladies


Nuggets for Ladies is an inspirational book designed for women from 18 to 40 years of age who can answer 'YES' to any of the following questions:

  •      Do you feel trapped and canít seem to achieve your dreams and goals?

  •      Do you want to succeed despite all the set-backs youíve experienced?

  •      Do you feel like you canít really get anything good out of your life because of past disappointments and anger?


  •      Do you feel like you havenít got what it takes after all the hurdles life has thrown at you?

  •      Do you feel like you are not on top of things?

  •      Do you seek change from your present situation?

  •      Are you dissatisfied with life?


  •      Are you at your wits end?

  •      Do you think youíre a failure?

  •      Have you been let down by life?

  •      Are you tired of being in the same position for too long?

  •      Have you tried all you know to do?



Nuggets for Ladies provides a series of practical principles based on faith.  Properly followed, these principles will help you cure whatever is wrong with your life.

 $6.00 Electronic Edition

 $9.95 Trade Paperback Edition

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Folakemi Ayodele

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