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The Red Menace

Two Great Books in One Volume!

Combined total: 450 Pages!

The Red Menace

Against the backdrop of the Korean War, the FBI pursues the Nazi underground in America. There is a mighty fight in the Politburo for control of Russia.  The FBI closes in on Nazi and Russian fugitives.

The third book in Arthur Rhodes’s alternate history of World War II continues where its action-packed predecessors left off.

 The Derby Day Murder Mystery

The murder of the most famous child  in  America triggers an official response.  The  President  sends the FBI’s most famous team to  investigate. Unique in  style, they are as ruthless as the criminals they pursue.

The murder investigation takes place against the backdrop of the Vietnam War.

 $7.00 Electronic Edition (both novels together)

 $17.50 Trade Paperback Edition (both novels together)


The Red Menace / The Derby Day Murder Mystery

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