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Whether you are a new author just testing your wings, or an old pro with books out of print, why not put your intellectual property to work?  Why not sell electronic copies and trade paperbacks on the INTERNET? 

Third Millennium Publishing is a website dedicated to providing authors with the infrastructure and resources necessary to publish and sell their work themselves.  We use a different model than the one with which you may be familiar from dealing with conventional publishers.  Instead of purchasing the rights to publish your work and then providing you 5-10% royalties on everything we sell; with our model, you retain total control over your work.  

You establish the cover price, the terms of sale, how long your work will be offered to the public, and in what form.  And when you make a sale, you keep all of the money in excess of credit collection and distribution costs.  Typically, this means that your "royalty" is 65-75% of the full price of each book sold.  Except it isn't a royalty.  It is the money you earn by selling your own property to the reading public.  It is your "profit." 

Remember, it is your book.  You are the sole owner of the "right to publish" and are free to use it as you see fit.  Nor does Third Millennium Publishing require exclusivity concerning the books we publish.  If you find two or three different avenues to market your book, then by all means, use them. What do we get out of it?  We make our money by providing you with electronic and trade paperback publishing services at substantially less cost than you could purchase them for yourself.  

We can afford to do this because we have already paid for all of our infrastructure and equipment, which we initially acquired for our own use, and it does not cost us very much more to allow you to use them.  We provide you with access to our world-wide website, commercial bank account, credit card collection service, software, computers, printers, and specialized bookbinding equipment, all of which cost nearly $50,000  to acquire.

 Specifically, in exchange for a nominal setup fee and a $1.00 charge  for each book sold, we will assist you with the following: We will build you your very own section of the Third Millennium Publishing Web Site in which to display electronic and trade paperback copies of your books.  Your section will include: 

      A web address of  http: // NAME.
      A summary page listing all of your books.
      Individual display pages for each book.
      An author biography page.
We will format your book into an electronic file using Adobe's industry-standard PDF format, Amazon-Kindle-compatible MOBI format, and IPAD-compatible EPUB format.  We will post your ebooks at our shopping cart vendor's website so that they can be downloaded immediately after the customer has purchased them. We will provide you with credit card collection and Paypal credit collection services.  Customers may order via INTERNET, toll free telephone number, or good old fashioned surface mail.  

We will collect your money for you and disburse it bimonthly.  You will receive all money in excess of the actual cost of sales (the charge the credit card collection agency and bank assess for their services) plus our $1.00 fee per book. 

We also have a production facility that will print trade paperback books for you, or else you can have them printed elsewhere.  Unlike typical vanity presses, which require you to initially order 500-1000  books at a cost of up to $10,000 to obtain their services, Third Millennium Publishing has a minimum book order requirement of only 1 book!

 Regardless of where you have your books printed, we will provide you with two (2) complimentary trade paperback copies of your book printed in the Third Millennium Publishing production facility. 

Third Millennium Publishing is a place where authors can showcase their talents by offering their work for sale to the public.  Historically, you did this by selling your manuscript to a publisher, who would then expend several thousand dollars to put your book into bookstores and other retail outlets.  Because the cost of editing, publishing, distributing, and advertising a book are so high, the publisher and bookseller keep more than 90% of the money collected and provide the author with only 6-8% in royalties.  

Moreover, because of the cost of shelf space in traditional bookstores, the typical life of a book is only a few months.  Your book comes out, you are ecstatic; then two months later, they rip the covers off any unsold copies, and send them back for a refund.  Authors have long considered this arrangement to be unfair, but considering the economics of traditional publishing, there hasn’t been much they could do about it. 

The advent of the INTERNET has changed the economics of publishing dramatically.  Now books can be put online for a few hundred dollars and maintained there, available for sale 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year, forever.  Nor are sales limited to the few square miles surrounding the bookstore.  Third Millennium Publishing is a worldwide enterprise that can sell your book anywhere on the planet.  We have sold books in countries as widely separated as Bosnia and New Zealand, Italy and Japan, Sweden and Australia.   If you also interested in paperbacks, click the link at the bottom of this page.


You send Third Millennium Publishing your manuscript in an electronic format that is ready to publish.  That means that the manuscript should be edited, spell checked, and all corrections made before we get it.  Once we receive your book, we will put it into a form that makes it easy to read on a computer screen, or in hard copy after being printed out.  

We will put your manuscript into the industry-standard Adobe PDF format, as well as Amazon-Kindle-compatible MOBI format, and IPAD-compatible EPUB format.  We will then put the copies of your book online and provide a link to Third Millennium Publishing's credit card collection service,  Paypal, and our toll free telephone ordering number.  We will even provide an order form your customers can print out in case they are still ordering products the old-fashioned way, by mail. 

We will build you your own section of our website, with your own summary page (if you have more than one book), display pages, and a biography page.  Once you have your own section, along with navigation links to easily jump between pages, we will add you to the main 3MPUB pages, where you will be prominently listed among the other authors.

Once you are set up, customers input their credit card numbers and receive download links from our shopping cart vendor instantly. Having obtained your book, they have the choice of reading it on their computer screen, tablet, or phone. Every two months, we tally up your sales, deduct the costs incurred in making the sale (approximately $0.60 per electronic book or $1.00 per trade paperback sold to collect, validate, and process the credit card numbers), and then send you a check or Paypal payment for the net proceeds.

 I can hear you asking the question in your head: Sounds great, but how much does all of this cost?  Glad you asked that! 


Third Millennium Publishing will put your book online for you, display it in a manner that will enhance sales, and collect your money for you.  Our charge for this is as follows: 
          1.  Basic Hosting of Your Book on Our Web Site for Two Years: 
                     a.  First book                        $300
                     b.  Second book                   $200
                     c.  Third book                       $100
                    d.  Additional books             $100 each 

         2.  3MPUB charge per sale: 
             $1.00 for electronic books or trade paperback books printed by third parties 

        3.  Credit charge per sale: 
             $0.50 plus 2.6% of the sale price 

        4.  Monthly disbursement cost:          Free

        5.  Cost after initial two years:            $100 per book per year

        6.  Other charges: 

 Sometimes when people purchase by credit card, they will refuse to acknowledge the sale when the bill comes due.  This happens infrequently, but is a normal part of being a credit card merchant.  You, the author/publisher, will be responsible for all credit charges or charge-backs related to the sale of your books. 


You have an electronic book online and you charge $5.00 for each copy downloaded.  When someone purchases your book, the following breakout of the charges results: 
          Sale Price:                                                   $5.00
          Cost of Credit Card Processing:              $0.63 (50 cents plus 2.6% of five dollars)
          Our Fee:                                                     $1.00
         NET MONEY TO YOU:                               $3.37

 Please note that even after payment of the credit costs and the payment to Third Millennium Publishing, you receive nearly 70% of the money from the sale of your book.  This is approximately 10 times the royalty you receive from a traditional publisher.  That means that you only need to sell one-tenth as many books on the INTERNET to make the same money.  

Or, as we prefer to think of it, you make ten times as much money when you sell the same number of books. If you are interested, but still have general questions, please click on the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) link below.  

If you would like to discuss the possible sale of your books on the INTERNET further, please email us at 

Thank you for considering Third Millennium Publishing to assist you in putting your book online.

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