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The Deprogramming of an Army Wife

A Memoir

Making meaning out of chaos, L.  L.  Morton shares her unusual life in First Comes Love: The DeProgramming of An Army Wife.  This insightful family drama is a backdrop for discovery of self that lies beneath a sea of denial and pain, and misplaced sexual expression a gripping story.

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"The plane had settled into the clouds... and I was saying goodbye to the past... As I did, I realized I wouldn't miss anything I'd left behind. Saying goodbye to the ugliness, I didn't know then I was throwing away the good with the bad, and that it would take a lifetime to reclaim it. The past seemed filled with nothing but pain and sadness, surely, the future held promise of something different. Truly beginning my life over, with a complete new slate, is what I believed then. But that was before I knew about repression and behavior patterns. Little did I know that the husband I chose and the children I bore would serve to reflect the lost parts of myself, forcing me, eventually, to deal with the emptiness I thought they would fill."


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