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L. L. Morton’s Love ‘N’ Stuff is a myriad of happy, sad, humorous, and emotive stories. Her characters will grab at your heart strings and leave you wanting more. 


The Lion and the Masseuse


“He was standing next to her table, waiting... Do you mind if I sit?...Suddenly her throat froze up... Should she tell him, or just enjoy?”  


The Second Sail



 "When I crawled under the bed the first time, to disappear... I figured if he was really carrying on with a tootsie, I would find out."


Heart Songs



"The home is made of love and nest
Then why has it such cost? "


Old Soldiers Never Die...



Farewell to Make-Believe


"Even a toe brushing against his leg could send him screaming.... because he got used to sleeping with a gun under his pillow... all while his interpreter slept at the foot of his bed, who he was never too sure wasn’t waiting to cut his throat."


"I believed this elderly woman was the closest thing I would ever experience to having my own mother. ...My Dah-ling, you are too-oo thin. ...So this is how mother’s get to you! I never knew."

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