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The Genellan Series, Book III

Genellan: First Victory


Fleet Admiral Runacres has taken the Tellurian fleet deep into the Red Zone trying desperately to make diplomatic contact, and now the Ulaggi mean to punish the humans for approaching too closely to the heart of their empire. The murderous aliens have come to kill. 

Ulaggi battle cruisers, human motherships, and konish dreadnaughts converge on the planet Genellan, just as a convoy of Tellurian transports arrives to eject their vulnerable cargo of human settlers into the rugged planetís atmosphere. Hotshot squadron commander Sharl Buccari and her corvette pilots are all that stand between the enemy and the helpless settlers. 

Buccari is a living legend, but the Ulaggi have never been defeated. Can she stop them from invading Genellan? If not, Earth is next.


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